I’m Still Turning Out

Do you ever feel really detached from life? Like you're on autopilot and even though its going okay, good even, you aren't really all there. You're only reacting to everyone else's actions but not actually doing anything for you. You laugh when someone tells a joke, you smile when someone says something to you, you... Continue Reading →


Public Transportation

A lot of philosophical thinking seems to happen on public transportation. The train, the bus, the commute in general. Its just part of the waiting. You think about your life, make up stories about the people around you, and listen to the hustle and bustle of the city. I create lives for those around me,... Continue Reading →

Things I Like

Books, and plants, the woods, fall. Road trips, dots on a map, Polaroid pictures. Little markets, fresh flowers, nicely wrapped trinkets and trying new food. Sand in between my toes, sunsets at my feet, the wind in my hair. Museums, taxis, a single backpack. To look at the galaxy in the sky and not have a... Continue Reading →

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