How To Plan A Road Trip With Your Friends

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Voluntourism: Is it doing more harm than good?

Voluntourism is seemingly a great thing–you get to volunteer abroad while also getting all the benefits of being a tourist! You’ll get to know new communities, experience different people, and learn about a culture you haven’t before. But voluntourism might not be everything its known for–including the idea that it might be doing more harm than good in the long run. But how is that possible?

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My Sprinkle of Prep: I’m Outta Here ||  Adorable Passport and Luggage Tags (And GIVEAWAY!)

No better feeling than booking your plane ticket, packing your bags, and gathering your documents to prepare for an awesome adventure. If you are planning to fly out of the country you need to have a passport and form of identification on you. Even if I am flying within the country I like to carry my passport on me. And no better way to dress up your passport than with an adorable passport cover. Some of these covers even double as wallets and allow card slots so everything can be in one place. A cover adds extra flair to your travel gear, but it also allows for added protection. Your passport is going to be with you for almost a decade and you need to keep it in top shape! It provides protection from bending, tearing, and spills while traveling in your bag. And adds color and added texture so you are able to find it easier. Now that’s what I call stylish and functional!

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