Fall Photography Highlights

As the chilly weather starts to settle into our lives, I thought I would reflect on the last sunny days we had and the transitioning of reds, oranges, and yellows, into grays and whites.

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10 Female Adventure Photographers To Follow On Instagram Right Now

I love photography and as I become more acquainted with my own camera and my own skills, I envy those of others as well. I would love to work with National Geographic someday (as some of these fabulous ladies have!) and think it would be a great way to combine my love of travel, writing, wildlife, and photography. When I scroll through Instagram I’m always amazed by what these women have been able to capture in a single shot–so here are 10 female adventure photographers you should follow on Instagram right now!

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It’s Just The Beginning

Graduation is seen as an end to everything we know right now: college, friends, campus. But its also the beginning to another great adventure we will embark upon: unfamiliarity, uncertainty, and the unknown. Congratulations to all the graduating seniors in my life, you’re going to rock it in the “real world”, and you will be dearly missed! Here are some of this years senior portraits I took of an amazing, gorgeous person:

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Soft Smiles

Sometimes I don’t know what I’m doing in life, and sometimes I do. But yesterday was one of those days that I just felt like I was in the right place for once in my life. It was productive, active, amazing. And I’m so happy the school year is wrapping up to embark on bigger adventures, but at the same time, I wouldn’t mind reliving yesterday a few more times if I had the chance. Soft smiles for those of us who don’t know where we’re going, but are figuring it out a bit at a time.  Continue reading

Rain Boots and Photoshoots

Today, Fort Collins drizzled, poured, and had the sun shining all at the same time. It was the perfect opportunity to put on my favorite magenta rain boots and have myself a small photography shoot. There was just enough cloud cover for good lighting and the rain didn’t get any more intense than a drizzle, which was great for the photos and protection of my camera. A thanks to my sister for taking all these pictures of me!

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