Third Time’s The Charm: A Reflection

As is tradition, here is my reflection on this past year of college. You can read my open letter to myself here.

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21 Things To Know By The Time You’re 21

This past weekend was my 21st birthday–cheers to this new year (and being able to legally drink of course)! I was lucky enough to have my birthday celebration last the ENTIRE weekend all thanks to the amazing family and friends in my life, it really wouldn’t have been anything without them. I am so unbelievably loved and thankful for everything going exactly how it did–even when it wasn’t going according to plan. And that leads me to the 21 things to know by the time you’re 21:

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In Response To “Cheers To The Second Year”

Earlier this school year, I wrote a blog post on my hopes for the future as a sophomore at CSU. I was only a few weeks in, but I already knew at that time that this year was going to be different, that this year was going to be everything I missed out on. And it more than excelled at my wishes. As the second year has finished, I can reflect on everything I did and everything that made it so great for me.

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