How I Am Able To Be An Animal Rights Activist In My Daily Life

Being an animal rights activist can seem daunting at first--especially in a world where getting your voice out there means you're either a Kardashian, a rapper, or a politician. Its hard to think you'll actually be able to make a difference in the long run, but even small actions have large results. As an animal... Continue Reading →


Walking With Lions: & Doing Good In This World

I recently spent almost three weeks in Africa for wildlife research and conservation. I volunteered for African Impact, where I was given the amazing opportunity to work with four 18-month-old lion cubs through two programs: ALERT (African Lion and Environmental Research Trust) and Lion Encounter. As a volunteer, I was responsible for observing the cubs,... Continue Reading →

The Simple Life: Masuwe Primary School

We come from a world where everything is at our fingertips, at the push of a button, where we worry about every little detail in our lives, and where we don't realize how much we truly are given. In Zimbabwe, the people have nothing--no electricity, no running water, no shoes. And they are the most... Continue Reading →

SandCloud: Sweet Gear With A Purpose

SandCloud is an up-and-coming towel brand that helps save marine life. They're "committed to raising awareness for key issues involving the preservation of marine life and the environment." For every purchase, 10% of your order is donated to help preserve aquatic life, the oceans, and the beaches. Their iconic hashtag, #SaveTheFishies, proudly presented on their products... Continue Reading →

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