Hey there and welcome to my adventure blog! the mountains are calling is a way for me to not only write, but make a memory in words of all the places I have traveled. As an adventurer I strongly believe in traveling–traveling far and traveling often. I want to see everything under the sun, so this blog is the last piece of each place I will have. Although I intend to focus on travel and hiking, I also love blogging about my lifestyle, health and fitness, books, and changing the world. And I write for Mogul, a platform for women worldwide, and you can read my articles here (plus I just got verified yay!).

Beyond that, I am an avid reader (Harry Potter and the classics), runner, photographer, artist, and enjoy hiking the Colorado mountains. I will be taking on my junior year of college as a Wildlife Biology and Conservation major, with a minor in Zoology. Although I am not exactly sure what I want to do, writing and being a photographer for National Geographic is my dream job. (Go big or go home, amiright?)

Other dreams I have include becoming a published author, transforming a big van into my little home and traveling across the United States and Canada, and visiting all seven continents. Besides the big picture goals, I’m learning how the little things in life make me happy too.



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  1. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog…best wishes for your life’s journey. As I wander about CSU I find memories of my (many many years ago) college days visiting me with a message that despite the tests and papers, it was all great!

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