For The College Girl: Adventure Bedroom Lookbook

My first two years of college were a bit unorganized when it came to how I wanted my bedroom to look: I had a huge white comforter to match with whatever my mind decided I wanted and that was all the structure there was. After awhile I got really annoyed with my teal baskets and my purple sheets and the red light-up “M” on the wall, as I had just bought whatever I thought looked cute for my freshman year without a theme in mind.

I decided that this year, since I’m living in my *own* house in my *own* room, I wanted it to be a dream bedroom. For me, that means an adventure theme with tons of exploring and mountain decorations. My sister is taking my ever-so-great white comforter for her new room, so I have decided to switch it up to a navy blue color. I haven’t found a comforter yet, but I definitely will keep my eye out for dorm-season sales.

I am hoping to get a few mountain and adventure-based throw pillows from Target or the local T.J. Maxx if I’m lucky, as both seem to have somewhat large and college-based collections. I am planning on purchasing or making the rest of my decorations and ordering online for the things I can’t find. I just don’t want to end up with too much or too little, and will have to make sure my color themes go well together (navy blue and a light yellow or white, I want it all to flow together).

At the start of summer I was able to find two wall signs (one that says Wanderlust and one that says Explore) for $1.59 each, so that was a steal right there. Plus they were both wood for a more cabin-like feel and white, so they will be great for my color scheme.

I plan on a few DIY projects: painting my wall as receding mountains, building mountain bookends, and making mountain shelves to put up on my walls. (And my parents will be helping with those as well, my dad with the assembling and my mom with the painting mostly). These are easy to make and paint, plus a lot of fun since they will be personalized and I can make them with any accent color I want (white or navy blue) instead of the store colors.

I have hardwood floors so I plan on buying a navy blue rug to tie the whole room together and make for a cozier feel. Although the size is somewhat small, I also hope to have a compass, world map, or mountain tapestry hung up on one of the walls to keep my room from seeming too bland or too empty.

I really want it to feel like home, since that has always been hard for me to do in a space that isn’t completely mine (AKA a dorm room or rented-apartment bedroom). I can finally make holes in the walls if I want, paint part of the bedroom, and can do anything with the furniture. I can’t wait! And I can’t believe its only a month away. I’ll have to start getting on top of these essentials if I want to be ready for move-in.

What are some of your college-girl room themes that you simply loved? And how did you prepare for decorating them?

(All photos from Pinterest and Google images.)



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