young, wild, and free▷▷

As the “official” photographer for all of my family events and holidays, I was basically working overtime all weekend to take pictures of everything going on: bonfires, tubing, and fun in the sun.

The Fourth of July is like the Thanksgiving of summer–full of delicious food and being thankful for our freedom.

Fourth (7 of 1)

I am lucky enough to get to spend most of my summers at my lake house and this year was no exception. But after five days of capturing everyone else’s fun, I got to get in front of the camera for a little bit! Although I hate it sometimes, I was in a great mood from exploring around the lake and was relaxed from spending the day out on the water (hence the beach-waved hair).

Fourth (9 of 1)

This summer has been going so fast–I can’t believe its already halfway over! And that means my third year of college is starting soon, where did the time go?! Here’s to hoping the rest of the summer is spent with sun-kissed skin, salty air, and sandy hair. Happy birthday America! And to all those brave souls who sacrifice for our independence and freedom every single day, thank you. Thank you. God Bless America.

Fourth (20 of 1)


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