The Liebster Award!

I was nominated for the Liebster Award! I can’t believe it–I’m so happy that lilyxoxoh was kind enough to nominate me for this and I’m still smiling at the thought of it. Go follow her if you aren’t already and thank you for sticking with me on my blogging journey. The Liebster Award is an award given in recognition of a great blog and broadening your horizons in the blogging world. And mine just got a little bit bigger!

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Feeling Floral

If I’m being completely honest, I never feel comfortable in front of the camera. I have never really liked being the center of attention or in front of a group of people–and posing with all of that going on is the absolute worse for me. I have a really hard time depicting to people exactly what I want and how I want it when it comes to photography, which in turn stresses me out and makes me feel more awkward. So if I get a few good pictures out of a hundred I’m pretty happy.

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For The College Girl: Adventure Bedroom Lookbook

My first two years of college were a bit unorganized when it came to how I wanted my bedroom to look: I had a huge white comforter to match with whatever my mind decided I wanted and that was all the structure there was. After awhile I got really annoyed with my teal baskets and my purple sheets and the red light-up “M” on the wall, as I had just bought whatever I thought looked cute for my freshman year without a theme in mind.

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