The Simple Life: Masuwe Primary School

We come from a world where everything is at our fingertips, at the push of a button, where we worry about every little detail in our lives, and where we don’t realize how much we truly are given.

In Zimbabwe, the people have nothing–no electricity, no running water, no shoes. And they are the most vibrant, happy people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Their simple life was the best life I have ever lived.

I loved what I did there, what little piece of my world I was able to bring to those brilliant, amazing kids at Masuwe Primary School. And what little piece of their world they were able to share with me.
These students walk 7 miles to and from school each day. It takes them two hours, walking through the bush in the dark, threatened by lions and elephants and flooded paths. Once there, the younger ones tend to fall asleep because of how tired they are. But they come to school because they love it! They come because its all they have and they are grateful for the opportunity at all.

Masuwe is two small buildings that each have two classrooms. These are shared by 8 grades of about 165 students, so they combine grades in split classrooms in order to teach everyone there. Some of the teachers have to live in their classrooms as well.

Their school fee’s are $10 a term, just a meal at Chipotle for you and me, and only 20 of them have been able to afford it. I ask you to donate what you can–$1 will work wonders in this case. I would like to help pay for the school fee’s of these absolutely beautiful kids, who I was lucky enough to be able to help teach for a day. Right now, the first graders are learning Ndebele as well as the English language, body parts, and clothing items. We had a blast playing games and singing to learn. They were so eager!

I might not be the best teacher or the person that gets to spend time with them everyday, but they don’t care. We sometimes don’t even speak the same language, but we try to understand each other and thats all this world needs: a little patience, a little effort, and just a little understanding.

Please, if you have anything you would like to donate, follow this link.




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