•overall i’m just a 90’s kid•

I’ve always wanted some overall shorts and I finally convinced myself to buy some! It was tempting to go for the boyfriend-jeans-style of overalls as well, but I figured I would get more use out of these with summer coming in full force.


I am so happy with them in every aspect (comfort, length, adjustability, and look). I always have trouble when it comes to one pieces (swimsuits, rompers, maxi skirts) because I have insanely long legs and no torso whatsoever. I always have the clothes too short on my legs, too long on my torso, or just too baggy and uncomfortable. The great thing about these overalls is that I was able to adjust the straps to a suitable length from my shoulders to my legs, without feeling squished in or drowned. Finally!

Overalls -15


With spring flowers blooming, the temperature hitting the 80’s every day, and my SUPER BUSY summer life, I’ve been trying to just catch my breath since I got home. I’ve had every single day planned out for me, and although that means I am being productive in some aspect of my life or making money, it also means I haven’t got to enjoy my time off school as much as I’d like to.


Today just felt like a great time to sit on my porch, read a good book, and put on a cute outfit–and that time will come but hasn’t yet. My day has consisted of running, working, and filling out paper work for my recent acceptance of in-state tuition (HAHA loans, debt, and money out of my pocket!). I have finally just sat down to write this before I leave again tonight for another commitment (albeit a fun one!).


Overalls -4

I honestly love being a 90’s kid and wish I could have experienced more of it, and more of any time before the 2000’s. I had overalls all growing up and in 8th grade, but haven’t worn any since and I forgot how awesome they are. I matched it with a striped shirt and pair of converse and I was good to go. Its a super versatile piece as well in that I can wear it with a sweater, to concerts, or just to lounge in in an old t-shirt and my Birkenstocks.


If I wanted to make it even more 90’s, I would add in my ruffled socks and possibly some high top black converse (once I get some). Otherwise, maybe a choker or a turtle neck. It doesn’t even have to be 90’s era at all–it could just be overalls in the present day and age however I decide to wear them.

Overalls -13


Until next time 90’s babies✌🏻

Overalls // Old Navy

Converse // Journeys

Striped shirt // Aeropostale


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