I Want To Live An Extraordinary Life

I want to live an extraordinary life. Thats what I’ve decided. I want to see everything under the sun and find myself along the way. I want to experience new cities, breathe in new people, and create new feelings. I need to live freely, live lightly, and live breathlessly. I want cobblestone streets, turquoise blue waters, radiant green woods surrounding me. I want the whole world, the good and the bad, the rivers and the valleys, the mountains and the concrete skylines. I want warm coffee and cold nights and albums and albums full of photographs. I want to travel, I want to live, I want the world.

I crave foreign, exotic, unknown everything. I pine for spontaneity and optimism and growth. I wish my heart spread out all over the world, speaking and beating for the places I’ve seen, the quotes I love, the things I’ve learned. I thirst for not knowing whats going to happen next or where I’m going to go. I sigh for my favorite coffee mug, my worn-down bookmark, my journal by my side and filled, brimming with my life. I want to wonder, I want a stamped passport, I want plane tickets to places I’ve only dreamed of.

And I have an inarticulate feeling to have a deeper meaning in my life. That there is more out there for me. And I am unshakable in this idea.

And thats why going to Africa is just something I have to do, I’m being called to it like nothing ever before in my life, not even Colorado or the mountains. It excites every nerve in my body and paralyzes me in fear at the same time. Its just something I have to do. Its the life I’m meant to live, the adventure I’m supposed to seek, and the missing part of myself I am hoping to find. I’m afraid I’ll leave my heart there, but I would regret more not taking this chance and running with it, missing out on my fate. There’s something there that I need to find, something that I can’t quite get here, much like the something I found on this day in my pine tree protection and wilderness womb. Its home.

One month from today I’ll be leaving for the biggest adventure of my entire life. Destination: Zimbabwe, Africa. 

One month from today I’ll be living an extraordinary life.


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