Things I Like

Books, and plants, the woods, fall. Road trips, dots on a map, Polaroid pictures. Little markets, fresh flowers, nicely wrapped trinkets and trying new food.
Sand in between my toes, sunsets at my feet, the wind in my hair. Museums, taxis, a single backpack.
To look at the galaxy in the sky and not have a single thought in my head. Freedom. The moonlight on me, rainstorms, 4 am music jams, spring.
Wool blankets around my shoulders, fuzzy socks covering my feet, and warm tea in my hand, by the light of a lamp. Riding in the car with the windows rolled down, long naps, light peeking in through the window, post cards, sun-kissed skin, art galleries, thigh-high socks, stripes, big windows, candles, late nights out, a bed full of pillows, my favorite extra large sweater, waterfalls, succulents, fireflies, dancing in the rain, being scared and doing it anyway.
Turquoise blue waters, cobblestone streets, radiant green woods. New cities, new people, new feelings. Skylines, warm coffee, cold nights. Albums and albums of photographs. Driving on the highway at night. My favorite coffee mug, worn-down bookmarks, my journal in my hands. A stamped passport and plane tickets. Freshly mown grass, fresh paper, mint toothpaste. Lilac. Temples, castles, historical landmarks. Sleepy mornings. Mountains, hiking, dirt trails. Adventure.
I like it all. 

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