Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO


Garden of the Gods

Today, I was lucky enough to be able to visit one of Colorado’s many treasures (and best-known tourist attractions) called Garden of the Gods. Its known for its beautiful sandstone rock formations, and thus is a National Natural Landmark.

I was mesmerized by its beauty just driving up and found the best views from outside the loop trail, rather than inside the rocks themselves.

I love shooting landscapes so this was an amazing place to do just that! Although I was a little unsure of what to expect from the popular site, Garden of the Gods gave me some great photo opportunities and nice views of Pikes Peak (the snow-covered mountain in the background). While on the trails, I was itching to take pictures but its hard to when you’re basically underneath the towering rock formations, so walking the outside loop trail was my favorite part.

I would suggest any of the paths for Garden of the Gods since they all connect to circle the various formations, bringing shoes you are willing to get dusty (but which don’t necessarily have to be athletic shoes since some of the trails are paved and wheelchair accessible), and a having a water bottle since there isn’t much shade on the outer loop trails. They also allow dogs so bring your furry friends! Here are some of my favorite shots:


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