Rain Boots and Photoshoots

Today, Fort Collins drizzled, poured, and had the sun shining all at the same time. It was the perfect opportunity to put on my favorite magenta rain boots and have myself a small photography shoot. There was just enough cloud cover for good lighting and the rain didn't get any more intense than a drizzle, which... Continue Reading →


Devil’s Backbone, Loveland, CO

Today, I had the opportunity to hike Devil's Backbone in Loveland (the next town over) with some of my APO brothers. Friendship is one of our three pillars, so getting to do some of my favorite activities with them makes it all the better. The drive to the trailhead can be between 10 and 30 minutes depending... Continue Reading →

The Good Girl, Mary Kubica; A Review

The Good Girl, by Mary Kubica, was a fast-paced, thriller novel that I was recommended to read. Since it was spring break, I had the time of day to sit down and actually get into it (without worrying about school assignments, upcoming tests, or being so tired I fall asleep reading). This was a great, quick... Continue Reading →

SandCloud: Sweet Gear With A Purpose

SandCloud is an up-and-coming towel brand that helps save marine life. They're "committed to raising awareness for key issues involving the preservation of marine life and the environment." For every purchase, 10% of your order is donated to help preserve aquatic life, the oceans, and the beaches. Their iconic hashtag, #SaveTheFishies, proudly presented on their products... Continue Reading →

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