10 Things I Always Do As A Morning Person


Being a morning person is both a blessing and a curse. In my past I’ve had phases where I slept past noon on a daily basis, but now I wake up at 8 am naturally and I kind of love it. What’s to like right? I think its great to get up, get my day started, and get productive. I feel more energized, more in control, and more able to tackle the day. The funny thing is, most of being a morning person, is all about what you do the night before.

1. I have a routine

Sticking to a routine calms me down and relaxes me. Its a quick and easy way to deal with my anxiety and stress from school, without me ever needing to do anything out of my way. By following a routine, at night and in the morning, I am able to save time and worry of what I have to do.

2. I pack my bags the night before

I will pack my backpack the night before–books I need, notebooks I will use, a water bottle. It not only helps me mentally prepare for my day, but also gives me time to remember anything I might have forgotten if I’m in a rush.

3. I pick out an outfit the night before

So no, I don’t always lay my outfit out the night before, but I do figure out what I’m going to wear and keep it in mind. I’m not forced to stick to that decision by any means, but knowing that I have to dress certain ways for my lab the next day or that I want to wear sweats gets me out the door a little faster and with less hassle.

4. I make my meals the night before

There is a pattern going on here you see? Sometimes I know I won’t have too much time before my 8 am to have a nicely cooked breakfast, or that I will be on campus all day and need to pack a lunch. Doing so the night before not only saves me money in the long run, but keeps me healthy and on time.

5. I go to bed early

Some people think I’m kidding when I say my bedtime is 10 o’clock, but I’m completely serious. Trust me, when you are up and at ’em at 6:45 am, you would be tired by 10 at night too. I force myself to get into bed, even if I’m not tired, in order to take care of my health the next day.

6. I wake up extra early

Going to bed early means I can feel fully rested and energized for my early morning. I wake up with plenty of time to get ready and plan for the day ahead.

7. I only set one alarm

I am an extremely light sleeper, so all I need is one alarm to get up and moving. I usually wake up before it even rings! But for those of you who need a couple alarms, turn up the volume and only allow yourself to hit snooze once. Most days I am ready to just jump out of bed and get going.

8. I get productive

One of the first things I do when I wake up is workout. Its great having hit the gym by 9 am and being able to continue on with my day, feeling good about my body and having gained some energy from the workout. Getting productive first thing sets a hardworking mode for you the rest of the day.

9. I clean my room

Every. Single. Morning. I make my bed, clean up dirty clothes off the floor, straighten my desk. By decluttering my life in the morning, it leaves time to relax without stress and also is a calming environment to get homework or other things done in the rest of the day.

10. I plan out my day

I look at my planner, check my calendar, and I rush out the door to be early. I give myself plenty of time to make it to class, know when I need to do some homework here and there, and prepare myself for work or responsibilities through extracurricular activities. Knowing how much time I need to spend on certain things throughout my day keeps me feeling on top of things and organized.


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