Catch Me: Catch Me Liking A Book For Once In My Life (A Review)


Catch Me, by Lisa Gardner, was one of the better books I’ve read in a long time (thanks Mom for the recommendation!). I love mystery books, and after struggling to write one of my own, I appreciate them so much more now. There is nothing quite like figuring out a mystery in your head, solving it, and then trying to leave no trail along the way (or at least not an obvious one for your character to follow that for some reason the other characters couldn’t). Its a pain, to say the least.

**No spoilers here!**

Gardner has some crazy ideas (in a good way) on how to get the readers attention, and for me it was the idea that one of the main characters, Charlie Grant, knows she going to die in four days. She knows where, and how, but not by who. She then involves D.D. Warren into her case, a detective who she has picked out to study her murder and ultimately, find her killer. Within all of this, is a complete surprise of twists and turns, things you won’t see coming, and the urge to not put the book down. I found myself analyzing every little detail to figure out the ending (which I did before I read it haha!).

After reading the first chapter, I strongly considered putting the book down. If it weren’t a rainy day and I having nothing better to do, I probably would have. It seemed a bit childish, but I gave it another chance and continued reading. Its vital that what you figure out in the first fifty pages is kept fresh in your mind the whole story. I realized a mistake I had made too far into the book, and I had was confused a majority of the time because of it. But don’t worry–its awesome!

I will say take this book with a grain of salt–there is a lot going on and it can be a little overwhelming, especially at first. You’re dealing with a bunch of characters, who you don’t always know are narrating, and learning about new ones. Theres a lot to keep straight in your head, but you’ll catch up. It kept me guessing and on the edge of my seat, with conclusions I knew had to be right, and weren’t even close. Its suspenseful to say the least.

As for Gardner’s writing style, besides the first chapter, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was easy, flowing, and she didn’t have to say much to get her point across. To be more detailed, she didn’t need to have paragraphs and paragraphs of detail. She was able to create a scene with the perfect amount of visual, action, and dialogue. I think she’s a great writer and has some amazing (yet slightly dark) ideas. She is able to pull everything together in the perfect amount of time, and when I was still starting the book, I was amazed at how much she was able to make happen in the short amount of time the book portrayed. Gardner couldn’t have made the book any more excellent I don’t think.

I definitely want to give her other books a try as well, since this one had sooo much going on at once, I would like to read one that is a little more relaxed (but really, how relaxed can you get with mysteries?). I was truly pleased with this pick and can’t wait to finish my next book so I can pick up another one of hers. Gardner is amazing and so was her story–check her out if you’re looking for an exciting mystery with suspense, action, and even a dog!


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