Here’s Why You Need To Participate in Meatless Mondays


Meatless Mondays: environmentally-friendly, health-friendly, and animal-friendly, whats not to like? Meatless Mondays are a great way to give back to your yourself, your health, and your community. Here are some great perks to participating in Meatless Mondays:

1) Increases longevity

You have the possibility of living longer since you won’t be as inclined to health problems and risks, and what is better than that?

2) Lowers your risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease

You only get one body–cherish it, take care of it, love it. By doing Meatless Mondays you’ll lower risks for many health issues–especially those with the highest death rates.

3) Its a more nutritional diet and helps curb obesity

Nutrients? Good. Less obesity? Good. Its all good.

4) Saves money

Who couldn’t save a few dollars here or there? Pass on that steak night and spend that money on something that will last you a little longer (aka those cute shoes you love!).

5) Reduces water usage, greenhouse gases, and fuel dependence.

Go green while going meatless! What is better than knowing you are helping out our planet in so many beneficial ways by doing one simple thing one time a week?!

6) Saving animals from factory farms

YES! Its an amazing way to stop cramped caging, horrendous living conditions, and a lack of a life for factory farm animals. By not supporting these big companies, we can support these beautiful creatures and their lives.

7) Supporting only acceptable living condition for dairy animals

The lack of money going to factory farms is the best possible things for these animals! You can further your actions by only buying your meat from local farmers and farmer markets.

8) Its easy

One day a week. (And not on your weekend!) It doesn’t get any easier than that and leave a small reminder for yourself until it becomes a habit.

9) Its a minor commitment for a large change

Small scale act, big scale action. You CAN do this!

10) You’ll feel good about it

You’ll be able to feel great about yourself when you know that you’ve make an impact on this world, on an animal, and on yourself–no matter how small. Tell your friends, spread the word, and smile because you rock!


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