Grey Rock, Laporte, CO

Although in the last month I have re-done a number of amazing hikes, I've already covered those in previous blog posts (Check out Horsetooth Falls and Arthurs Rock!). My latest (and now favorite) hike of them all is Grey Rock, located in Laporte, Colorado. This hike was about a twenty minute drive from my apartment,... Continue Reading →


When In Rome..

Although its been quite some time since I was given the amazing opportunity to travel to Rome, Italy, I find myself thinking about my time there more and more frequently. I hope that that was one of my many times traveling to some place I have never been before, and as my junior year of... Continue Reading →

Cheers To The Second Year

Here we are again--back at the Colorado State University. There was a point in time when I never thought I would have another first day of school here, when I never thought I would be a mile high for anything other than to visit, when I never thought I would walk this campus again as... Continue Reading →

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