I Guess I’m Considered “Plus Size”


Okay, Calvin Klein, you really got me laughing. Like I hope you were kidding, because you’re making me nervous.

I was born small–too small for my own good. From the day I was born into the first few years of my life I had to have weekly hospital visits, was given various shots, and every single thing I ate had to be monitored. I have always been little and I’ve learned to love the skin I’m in. When I finally started making it onto the charts my senior year of high school I was ecstatic. My height was finally “normal”, my BMI was finally “average”, and I had a healthy, happy body. Besides the fact that I am a late bloomer in all aspects of growth, like getting my period in my sophomore year of high school and still growing at 20 years old (I know!), I have never been considered “plus size”.

But Calvin Klein just called me that. And Calvin Klein just called a lot of girls that.

Usually I’m on the opposite side of the spectrum, with skinny shaming, and getting told to eat a burger. To bulk up. To go lift weights. To shop in the kids section. So when I first saw what was considered “plus size” by Calvin Klein, my whole world shook.

First off, there is nothing wrong with being plus size. “Plus-size” doesn’t mean fat. It doesn’t mean unhealthy. It doesn’t mean overweight. Plus-size means being larger than the normal range and that definition is as vague as they come. There is also nothing wrong with being a double zero. It doesn’t mean anorexic. It doesn’t mean underweight. It doesn’t mean unhealthy. Our bodies are for us to love, no matter what size, shape, or figure. We all have our flaws, our insecurities, and our idealistic bodies. Although a lot of this comes from within ourselves, there are external forces messing with our heads as well.


Okay, this is Calvin Klein’s first plus size model. This is her. Did your jaw drop to the floor too? This woman is fit, healthy, and GORGEOUS.

So where does CK get off on calling her plus size? She’s tall. She’s skinny. She’s built. Maybe on BMI standards I could see that she is above the normal range based on height and muscle. But calling this woman plus size is offensive. This leads young women, middle school girls, fifth grade girls, college women, to rethink everything. If this is plus size, then what is “normal”? What is an “average” female body?

If she is called plus size, then I’m plus sized and proud. I’m grateful. Because I want to look like her. Look at how fit she is, look at her curves and edges, and look at how beautiful she is. I’m ashamed for Calvin Klein. Thanks for telling girls that this is “larger” essentially, that this is “bigger”, and that this is what “realistic” looks like.

This is not plus size. This is not okay. This is not justified. This is our society.

This is a happy, healthy woman. This is a strong, stunning woman. This is normal.

So thanks, Calvin Klein, for altering the ideas in the minds of women worldwide of what you “consider” plus size, when I only see perfection.





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