I Guess I’m Considered “Plus Size”

Okay, Calvin Klein, you really got me laughing. Like I hope you were kidding, because you're making me nervous. I was born small--too small for my own good. From the day I was born into the first few years of my life I had to have weekly hospital visits, was given various shots, and every... Continue Reading →


Matthiessen State Park, Utica, IL

June 2, 2016 Having been to Starved Rock State Park already, Matthiessen State Park, just further down the same road, seemed like the next hiking day on the to-do-list. Compared to Starved Rock, Matthiessen seems to have less elevation gain and loss as a whole, but also many more untamed trails. Starved Rock is pretty... Continue Reading →

But It’s Just Enough

There is nothing worse than not knowing. Not knowing if someone is mad at you, not knowing what others think of you, not knowing if you're doing the right thing. It will drive you mad overthinking and overanalyzing things, especially when it comes to the opposite gender. We've heard it all. Boys will be boys. ... Continue Reading →

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