Running With Asthma: Fish-Out-Of-Water


I’m here to tell you all not to take the way your body runs for granted. The way your heart pumps blood, the way your lungs take in oxygen, the way your muscles move. I have asthma–and I know there are people out there who have much more serious disadvantages and hardships in their life–but for me it is my less serious hardship. Being a runner and having asthma is like being a jumbo shrimp. Two opposites that just don’t go together. If you cant even breathe normally how are you supposed to run and breathe? Other runners can walk out the door and not worry about the wind. Not worry about the trees and flowers. They dont worry about allergies, the pollen count, or running near the woods. They dont worry about their chest getting tight, their breaths getting cut short, or staying pretty close to home in case of an attack. They dont worry about if they want to carry an inhaler, if they have to have their phone on them in case something happens, if you have to stop and get through the attack alone. They dont worry about not being able to breathe, about being a literal fish-out-of-water, about suffocating on air. It is scary and it makes it hard to get the run in that you wanted. It makes it hard just being outside sometimes. I’m lucky mine is mostly seasonal, as having a slight asthmatic attack this morning, reminded me of that fact. I know there are those who have it much worse, but to those who don’t, do not take the way your body runs for granted or the choices you can make in life that others dont have the option of. Im so grateful about what I can do and that I can live a normal life, but not everyone can. Its just something I was reminded of this morning as I couldnt even make it a mile without not being able to get air into my lungs. 


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