Why I Don’t Share My Art

Ever since I was little I enjoyed coloring, sketching, painting. It was a hobby I picked up and stuck with as I grew older. Throughout my younger years in school, with the art classes and projects, I stuck out. I loved every minute in the art room and was proud to show off my latest... Continue Reading →


Running With Asthma: Fish-Out-Of-Water

I'm here to tell you all not to take the way your body runs for granted. The way your heart pumps blood, the way your lungs take in oxygen, the way your muscles move. I have asthma--and I know there are people out there who have much more serious disadvantages and hardships in their life--but... Continue Reading →

Looking Back on My First Year

I have to say my first year of college was nothing I had pictured. I had expected meeting a great group of friends, going out on the weekends to coffee shops and parties, and loving my school with everything I had. Of course I miss the gorgeous Colorado, the campus, and the hikes, but its... Continue Reading →

Horsetooth Falls, Fort Collins, CO

May 3, 2016 I've already covered the trail to Horsetooth Falls in a previous blog post, ┬ábut this time I went in May instead of August! The hike was much faster and much simpler than I remember, but definitely worth it. There were still the open switchbacks to start for about twenty minutes and then... Continue Reading →

Bear Lake, Estes Park, Colorado

May 5, 2016 The week before finals are meant for studying, more studying, and even some more studying on top of that. But I have been procrastinating (as with all other aspects of my life), especially since┬áthe pressure is on. So instead, I went hiking. The drive from Fort Collins to Estes Park is not... Continue Reading →

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