Hole in the Rock, Phoenix, Arizona

March 12, 2016

Hole in the Rock

It doesn’t look like much, but looks can be deceiving.

Hole in the Rock is definitely a great place to relax, get some really cool pictures, and even see a few animals along the way. We went for the sunset, which led to a breathtaking view of the city of Phoenix, and a short hike to get to the top.

To get to Hole in the Rock, follow directions to the Phoenix Botanical Gardens, since they share a parking lot. It was free parking and we were able to pull right up to the trailhead. (We also went at dusk so few people were there.) From there, it is twenty minutes to the top and back at most.

There are dirt and rock paths the whole way up, but watch your step since rocks are scattered everywhere. Also, be careful not to move any since you don’t know what creature is living under there. I will admit we looked for scorpions, but didn’t see any.

You actually go behind the large rock formation (pictured above) to reach the Hole. There are steps paved into the rocks which is really cool! The sunset was a beautiful time to go and sit and watch the sun set behind the skyline of Phoenix. I would recommend that or during sunrise.

We went a little farther on our hike than just the Hole. To reach the absolute peak, it took a lot of climbing and sliding. There is no easy way up the side of the formation and I wish I had had shoes with more grip. It took some balance and coordination, a few slips here and there, but I eventually made it to the top. Same view, but a little hard work put into it.

It got dark pretty fast so getting down was even harder than going up. It was slick and rocks were shifting as I put my weight on them. We all did it though.

To get to the main part of Hole in the Rock, little physical activity is required (except the stairs) and any type of attire is okay. Bring a camera as well! The hike only takes 10-15 minutes tops so theres no need to bring water or food along unless you plan on staying for awhile. Beyond that, climbing above the Hole like we did, I would suggest close-toed shoes  that have traction and comfortable clothing to climb up. That only takes about five minutes each way as well.

Either way, Hole in the Rock is definitely a quick and cool place to stop by if you are in the area and want something to do. It has an amazing view you won’t get anywhere else and is pleasantly surprising.




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